Re: holding on a minute (Alexandra Hettergott )

Subject: Re: holding on a minute
From:    Alexandra Hettergott  <a.hettergott(at)WANADOO.FR>
Date:    Wed, 20 Sep 2000 21:27:18 +0200

>>(okay, just imagine a fully-reliable (interactively peer-reviewed) >>entirely "electronic" version of some honorable scientific periodical -- >>plus auditory demonstrations accompanying the experiments given in the >>text...). >what a great idea! A perfect example of this is the following article (with >links to acompanying demonstrations), which I can heartily recommend to >everyone! Even better..., yet no need to running me down, for the remark didn't carry a less ironical undertone, nor has even been a pretension to provide an entirely fresh idea... Thank you for the reference, anyway. -ah > >C. M. McKay, H. J. McDermott, and R.P. Carlyon (2000) "Place and temporal >cues in pitch perception: are they truly independent?", Acoustics Research >Letters Online (, 1, 25-30 > > >bob >Dr. Bob Carlyon >MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit >15 Chaucer Rd. >Cambridge CB2 2EF >England >Phone: (44) 1223 355294 ext 720 >Fax: (44) 1223 359062 >NOTE NEW EMAIL ADDRESS: >bob.carlyon(at)

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