Any ideas? (Ben Woodeson )

Subject: Any ideas?
From:    Ben Woodeson  <ben(at)WOODESON.CO.UK>
Date:    Mon, 4 Dec 2000 23:12:43 +0000

Deat List, Hi, I'm a post-graduate research student at Glasgow School of Art, specialising in Fine Art. My research is currently geared towards the use of infra-sonics in a Fine Art context. I apologise if this seems basic, but my background and training is in the visual arts as opposed to the sciences. I'm attempting to generate frequencies between 11 and 22hz with sufficient amplitude that they will be physically perceivable by the "viewer". These are from low frequency recordings and will then be used in a gallery situation. My question to the list is: Can anyone point me to information (Books or web, preferably simple-ish) regarding the psychological and the physiological effects of infra-sonics on human beings? I am aware of the alleged toiletry consequences of going too low (6hz?) and I wish to stimulate my audience not disable them. Many thanks for any aid possible. Ben Woodeson. PS: contains documentation of earlier non-sonic work.

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