Re: CASA problems and solutions ("Dr.-Ing. Uwe Baumann" )

Subject: Re: CASA problems and solutions
From:    "Dr.-Ing. Uwe Baumann"  <Uwe.Baumann(at)HNO.MED.UNI-MUENCHEN.DE>
Date:    Thu, 1 Feb 2001 10:37:04 +0100

Dear participants of the recent CASA discussion, since I've finally managed two weeks ago to put an accompanying = demonstration page for my "Identification and segregation of multiple = auditory objects"-model (developed 1990-1994 as part of my doctoral = thesis, supervised by E. Terhardt) on the web, some of you might be = interested to visit The ingredients for this approach to CASA are: 1. van Noorden's sequential grouping observations 2. Rasch's important reports on the role of onset asynchrony 3. Some of Al Bregman's Gestalt motivated rules (summarized in his = pamphlet) 4. The continuity effect 5. Terhardt's "Virtual Pitch" procedure to account for the "Seebeck = problem" 6. Some research of my own to investigate boundaries for mistuned, = asynchronous harmonics in a sequence of complex harmonic sounds 7. And a lot of struggling with C-programming with double linked lists = to form auditory objects and relations between them The model disregards binaural as well as phase information. Also, no = information about timbre is used for segregation. Results: This approach seems to work with fair results for = "Helmholtzian" sounds and simple two part music, but complex signals = with reverberation and overlap of onset and offset of sounds will give = poor results. Regards Uwe Baumann Dr.-Ing. Uwe Baumann Klinikum Gro=DFhadern/HNO/Audiologie D-81377 M=FCnchen, Marchioninistr. 15 Tel.: +49/89 7095 3878 FAX: +49/89 7095 6869

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