CFP of special issue of SPEECH COMMUNICATION on speech processing ("Luo, Fa Long (Redwood City)" )

Subject: CFP of special issue of SPEECH COMMUNICATION on speech processing
From:    "Luo, Fa Long (Redwood City)"  <FLuo(at)GNRESOUND.COM>
Date:    Wed, 21 Feb 2001 11:42:52 -0800

Speech Communication Call For Papers Special Issue on Speech Processing for Hearing Aids Guest Editors: Fa-Long Luo, Bernard Widrow and Caslav Pavlovic With the widespread usage of digital hearing aids and increasing demand on their performance, speech processing techniques are playing a more important role in modern hearing aid systems. Speech processing for hearing aids includes several topics such as acquisition, transfer, amplification, transmission, measurement, filtering, parameter estimation, separation, detection, enhancement and classification of speech signals. Because of the limitations imposed by the hardware requirements, computational speed, power supply and other practical factors, the development and implementation of speech processing techniques for hearing aids remains a challenging and active area of research. This special issue aims to provide a high quality forum for scientists and engineers interested in hearing-aid design in both the academic and industrial communities to help guide in the development of new and improved hearing aids. In addition, it is hoped that the issue will attract a broad audience in the speech processing community. Topics of interest include but are not limited to: (1) DSP architectures, complexity and parallel implementation in hearing aids. (2) Speech enhancement and noise reduction. Pause and noise detection. Advanced spectral subtraction methods. Source separation. Signal and noise representations and modeling. Listening environment classification. (3) Multichannel and array signal processing. Beamforming, directionality. Binaural listening. (4) Perceptually-based processing algorithms. Characterization and compensation of hearing loss. Spectral enhancement and frequency transposition. Filter bank, multi-rate, multi-band, frequency and transform domain processing for hearing aids. Sampling, extrapolation and interpolation. (5) Feedback cancellation. Reduction of device internal noise and artifacts. (6) System tests, performance evaluation, calibration and parameter fittings. (7) Adaptive signal processing, nonlinear signal processing, higher-order based signal processing, intelligent signal processing for hearing aids. The schedule of the special issue is as follows. Manuscript Submission: July 1, 2001 Notification of Decision: September 30, 2001 Final Manuscripts due: December 16, 2001 Tentative Publication date: April, 2002. Prospective authors should follow the regular paper preparation guidelines of Speech Communications ( and send six hard copies or electronic file ( .pdf or .ps format) to: Dr. Fa-Long Luo GN ReSound Corporation 220 Saginaw Drive Redwood City, CA 94063 USA Fax: 650-261-2284 email:fluo(at)

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