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From:    "Yale E. Cohen"  <Yale.E.Cohen(at)DARTMOUTH.EDU>
Date:    Tue, 16 Jan 2001 10:14:31 EST

Dear List, am have a system that moves speakers on an X-Y gantry, and I am trying to figure out a way to mask the sound of the moving speakers so that the listener can't track the speaker movement. Does anyone have any good suggestions? I have tried white noise in the background. Currently, I am trying to record the sound of the speaker and then play it back at random times and through random speakers placed around the stimulus board. Thanks. -yale --- Yale E. Cohen, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences Center for Cognitive Neuroscience 6207 Moore Dartmouth College Hanover, NH 03755 E-mail: yec(at)dartmouth.edu Phone: 603 646 0532 FAX: 603 646 1181

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