Re: aud illusions, Dianna Deutsch? (Jim Stevenson )

Subject: Re: aud illusions, Dianna Deutsch?
From:    Jim Stevenson  <jims(at)EOS.ARC.NASA.GOV>
Date:    Wed, 11 Apr 2001 04:36:34 -0700

Dianna researched many audio illusions on Next. Do any of you know of code to produce them on other OSs especially Dos or linux on PC sound cards? Do you know her e-mail and or phone number? If you quote me, please put your comments first. I have already listened to mine. Thanks. Thanks. Jim Stevenson Ph.D experimental psychologist, conducting sonification research, & certified master Ericksonian clinical hypnotherapist. jims(at) (650) 604-5720 w a.m. p.s.t or leave message any time. ham call wb6yoy

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