Loudness of sounds (Fatima Husain )

Subject: Loudness of sounds
From:    Fatima Husain  <fhusain(at)cns.bu.edu>
Date:    Tue, 17 Apr 2001 14:12:31 -0400

We keep running into this problem in my lab and I am wondering if you could help. We often have stimuli sets that includes both speech and non-speech stimuli. How do we equalize their loudness? The first step is to see that they all have the same RMS power. But, the different stimuli being broadband and narrowband,the stimuli may still seem to have differing loudness. Is this enough? If not, what do we do as the next step? Do we measure output at the end of the headphones and equalize then? This is not always possible, esp. for headphones which are already part of the fMRI scanner...or we are piping sounds through a convoluted system. I am asking primarily with reference to fMRI studies. Any info if appreciated. Thanks! I will post a summary of responses on the list. --fatima fhusain(at)cns.bu.edu fthusain(at)helix.nih.gov

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