CFP: DAFx-01 ("Mikael.Fernstrom" )

Subject: CFP: DAFx-01
From:    "Mikael.Fernstrom"  <Mikael.Fernstrom(at)UL.IE>
Date:    Wed, 25 Apr 2001 21:59:04 +0100

CONFERENCE ANNOUNCEMENT Call for papers: Conference on Digital Audio Effects - DAFx-01 The Computer Science and Information Systems Department at the = University of Limerick is organising the International Conference on Digital Audio Effects, DAFx-01, 6-8 December 2001.=20 The Conference is sponsored by the Action-G6 "Digital Audio Effects" of = the European COST program.=20 DAFx-01 is an international meeting of researchers in theoretical and applied digital sound and music signal processing including topics = like:=20 * Filtering and Modulation=20 * Delay=20 * Time and Frequency Scaling=20 * Spatialisation=20 * Spectral Processing=20 * Audio Coding=20 * Software and Hardware Implementation=20 * Sound Modeling=20 * Perceptual Issues=20 DAFx-01 will present sound models, examples, software and hardware applications of interest to musicians, computer scientists, engineers = and other.=20 Important deadlines:=20 Submission of an Extended Abstract (2 pages): June 15, 2001 Notification of acceptance: September 15, 2001 Paper submission: October 20, 2001 Abstract submission:=20 We invite submissions of papers in all aspects of digital audio effects = as mentioned above. There are two formats for presentation: Oral presentation of paper: Maximum 6 pages in the Proceedings; about 20 minutes for presentation.=20 Poster presentation: Maximum 4 pages in the Proceedings.=20 Submissions should be two-page extended abstracts in the final paper = format. The only accepted language is English. All submissions are subject to = peer review. The accepted contributions will be published in the Conference Proceedings.=20 FURTHER INFORMATION:=20 For information about registration, travel, accommodation, etc., see = the conference web site: Conference Secretariat:=20 Ms. Anne Murphy Department of Computer Science and Information Systems University of Limerick E-mail: anne.murphy(at) <mailto:anne.murphy(at)> =20 Tel. +353-61-213456 Fax +353-61-202734 Main COST Action G6 Web site: Organizing Committee: =20 Mikael Fernstr=F6m, CSIS-UL (Chairman) Paschall De Paor, CSIS-UL (Music program director) Donncha O'Maidin, CSIS-UL Niall Griffith, CSIS-UL Tim Hall, ECE-UL Scientific Committee: Daniel Arfib (CNRS-LMA - Marseille, France)=20 Nicola Bernardini (AIMI and Cons. of Padova, Italy)=20 Javier Casaj=FAs (UPM, Spain)=20 Giovanni De Poli (CSC, University of Padova, Italy)=20 Pierre Dutilleux (ZKM, Germany)=20 Markus Erne (ETHZ - Zurich, Switzerland)=20 Gianpaolo Evangelista (EPFL - Lausanne, Switzerland)=20 Emmanuel Favreau (INA-GRM, France)=20 Eric Feremans(Belgium)=20 Mikael Fernstr=F6m (University of Limerick, Ireland)=20 Alois Melka (Academy of Performing Arts - Prague, Czech Republic)=20 J=F6ran Rudi (NoTAM, Norway)=20 Francis Rumsey (University of Surrey - Guildford, UK)=20 Mark Sandler (King's College, London, UK)=20 Xavier Serra (IUA-UPF, Spain)=20 Vaclav Syrovy (Academy of Performing Arts - Prague, Czech Republic)=20 Todor Todoroff (Facult=E9 polytechnique de Mons, Belgium)=20 Jan Tro (NTNU, Norway)=20 Udo Zoelzer (Univ. of Fed. Armed Forces Hamburg, Germany)=20

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