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Subject: Re: On the Grammar of Music and rules
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Date:    Fri, 27 Apr 2001 17:11:21 +0200

Martin Braun wrote: > Fine. Then you will surely agree that there is so much variation in the > chordal treatment within the work of each composer that they were obviously > not following any grammar. > Why would it be obvious? Example: You hear a thousand melodies from me. They will have much variation (say, they are all different - I think this is as much variation as possible). And, in fact, I was following the simplest possible grammar: s->As|A#s|Bs|....G#s|lambda That is, I chose each note randomly!! Laszlo Toth Hungarian Academy of Sciences * Research Group on Artificial Intelligence * "Failure only begins e-mail: tothl(at) * when you stop trying" *

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