Re: On the Grammar of Music (John Croft )

Subject: Re: On the Grammar of Music
From:    John Croft  <mfmxhjcc(at)STUD.MAN.AC.UK>
Date:    Sun, 29 Apr 2001 11:37:56 +0100

on 28/4/01 23:27, Alexandra Hettergott at a.hettergott(at)WANADOO.FR wrote: > John Croft wrote : >> In other words, stylistic variation in music is (potentially) >> continuous -- it seems to me that this is a significant >> disanalogy with linguistic grammatical correctness. > You can easily write a poem, some technical instructions, a novel, a > political speech, ... while using one and the same language > (elements) -- yet in a different way (style) ... Grammar use might thus > be related to (individual / particular) style, but this does tell more > about a natural (potential) variety inherent here rather than its > respective correctness ... Certainly; but if musical stylistic variation is analogous to stylistic variation within a language, then is there any plausible candidate for the analogue of grammatical differences *between* languages? John _______________________________________

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