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Subject: Re: Book
From:    Malcolm Slaney  <malcolm(at)IEEE.ORG>
Date:    Thu, 3 May 2001 14:08:25 -0700

At 03:49 PM 5/3/2001 -0400, Fatima Husain wrote: >Sometime back this book was mentioned on the List: > "Computational Models of Auditory Function" > by S. Greenberg(Editor), M. Slaney (Editor); > >I placed an order for the book but was informed that the >publishers (IOS press) are no longer planning to publish the book. >Does anyone have any information about the availability of >this book? It's definitely happening... I talked to our publisher a couple of weeks ago, and they are anxiously waiting the final copy. Hopefully that hasn't changed. Steve and I are doing the final typesetting. I was putting some changes into the text this morning. I was hoping to have it all done before ICASSP, but Steve is gone this week, and I'm gone next week. Hopefully just a couple more weeks to get the final copy out. We're doing all the typsetting, and I don't know how long it will take IOS to do the printing. Hopefully not long. They already approved our format and stuff. -- Malcolm

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