Re: Rules (music / musical) question (KEVIN AUSTIN )

Subject: Re: Rules (music / musical) question
Date:    Thu, 3 May 2001 23:26:16 -0400

Hi Rebecca >Relative pitch. Otherwise it would have trouble transposing >(like ALL of >the people I know who have perfect pitch -- >in fact -- I believe the way >to differentiate people with >perfect pitch with those with relative pitch >is whether >or not they can transpose -- has anyone ever written or >researched that? If not, you must footnote me if you do). >Rebecca Mercuri >mercuri(at) Anecdotal to this ... a few years ago I was teaching intervals (written) to a student with perfect pitch. She said it was hard to learn until she realized all (sic) she had to do was to listen to the two notes in her head and write down the name of the interval. However the history is laden with stories of pianists who discovered that the piano they were to play on was semitone low, and transposed the entire piece while playing. (But it is also reported that Liszt played all of the Well Tempered Clavier in every key, ie the C major fugue in all twelve major keys etc.) Best Kevin kaustin(at)

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