sound cards and sampling rates ("Susan E. Hall" )

Subject: sound cards and sampling rates
From:    "Susan E. Hall"  <susanhal(at)IS.DAL.CA>
Date:    Fri, 4 May 2001 14:42:26 -0300

I was hoping someone could help me to understand a little about the antialiasing lowpass filters in sound output devices. I'm digitally constructing stimuli using Matlab, which can play sounds using any specified sampling rate. So far I've only used 44100Hz and 22050Hz because these are standard, and I want to be sure they are being properly antialised on DA output to my headphones. I would really like to able to use a sampling rate of say, 32000, but am unsure how my sound card would handle this. I am using out of the box Macintosh computers (a Powermac G3 and an older, 8600 model). I don't know the specifics of their sound cards. First, have I even characterized the issue properly? Is this in fact something I need to worry about? If so, does anyone know how standard Apple sound cards deal with non-standard sampling rates, or more generally, how to find out? Or are there better sound cards that I should look into? Thanks! Susan Hall Dalhousie University

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