Re: old JASA's (MORI Koichi )

Subject: Re: old JASA's
From:    MORI Koichi  <kmori(at)REHAB.GO.JP>
Date:    Sat, 20 Jan 2001 11:10:49 +0900

I was almost suggesting my library to donate the old JASA hard copies, but now I don't. I've found, to my disappointment, that the reproduction in the new CD-ROM's is of a significantly worse quality than that in the old ones, much less the published (printed) volumes. Though I can read them on screen without a problem, the print out is so fuzzy that I cannot read text without guessing. Some graphs also suffer even on screen. Making the print preference of DjVu to the darkest does not help. It may be because I use a Mac version of DjVu plug-in (3.0 beta 7, which is the latest. The one that came with the CD-ROM does not install -- freezes Mac OS 9.0.4) with Netscape 4.75 (U.S. version) and postscript printers. I had hoped I could print out articles from the CD-ROMs in order to carry to read (I do not usually carry a lap top). I still have to go to the library and photocopy them for that purpose. I would like to hear other people's experience. Koichi Mori At 06:09 PM -0600 01.1.19, James W. Beauchamp wrote: >Vols. 1-100, 1929-1996 of JASA on CD-ROM arrived today. That eliminates >any need for my old hard copies, which started in the late 60's. Now >the question remains what to do with them. Should I try to find some >library to donate them to or should I just pitch 'em? -- MORI, Koichi kmori(at) Tel:(+81)42-995-3100, FAX:(+81)42-995-3132 Department of Sensory and Communicative Disorders Research Institute of National Rehabilitation Center for the Disabled 4-1 Namiki, Tokorozawa, Saitama 359-8555, Japan

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