Re: musical tones in speech (Bruno Repp )

Subject: Re: musical tones in speech
From:    Bruno Repp  <repp(at)ALVIN.HASKINS.YALE.EDU>
Date:    Fri, 11 May 2001 10:50:33 -0700

The interchange between Martin and Alain is most interesting. I have the feeling that Alain has missed the boat by looking at complete F0 contours, but his comments do raise the following question: Is it possible that the Dutch intonation researchers, in the process of extracting F0 targets from the intonation contours, applied subjective criteria that somehow were affected by the common musical tones they had been exposed to outside the laboratory? Since F0 target extraction is not automatitized, I presume it involves repeated listening to utterances and subsequent decision making. Is it possible that the distributional biases arose at that stage? --Bruno Bruno H. Repp Research Scientist Haskins Laboratories 270 Crown Street New Haven, CT 06511-6695 Tel. (203) 865-6163, ext. 236 FAX (203) 865-8963 e-mail: repp(at)

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