Re: musical tones in speech ("Alain de Cheveigne'" )

Subject: Re: musical tones in speech
From:    "Alain de Cheveigne'"  <>
Date:    Sat, 12 May 2001 13:36:13 +0200

>Alain, it does not seem to be a convincing strategy to present speculations >on flaws in the work of others, just because it doesn't fit one's own >incomplete results. Martin, I was your privilege to call attention to your paper and loudly publicize its claims. Please do not question my right to report to the list that those claims do not generalize (to say the least), and to speculate on what went wrong. Alain -------------------------------------------------------------- Alain de Cheveigne' CNRS/IRCAM, 1 place Stravinsky, 75004, Paris. phone: +33 1 44784846, fax: 44781540, email: cheveign(at) --------------------------------------------------------------

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