IRCAM COLLOQUIUM: Form in Time (Stephen McAdams )

Subject: IRCAM COLLOQUIUM: Form in Time
From:    Stephen McAdams  <Stephen.McAdams(at)>
Date:    Sun, 13 May 2001 21:50:45 +0200

The web site of this colloquium is now accessible. As a reminder, the idea is to bring together artists and scientists interested in the processes involved in experiencing temporal artistic forms from moment to moment. Looking forward to seeing you in June. -- Stephen McAdams Equipe Perception et Cognition Musicales Ircam-CNRS (UMR 9912) 1 place Igor-Stravinsky F-75004 Paris, France tel: +33.1.4478.4838, fax +33.1.4478.1540

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