Re: streams and groups (Alexandra Hettergott )

Subject: Re: streams and groups
From:    Alexandra Hettergott  <a.hettergott(at)>
Date:    Mon, 14 May 2001 22:23:08 +0200

Al Bregman wrote : >Like the streams in which they reside, "groups", as defined >above, are psychological entities, not physical ones. Well, if I might comment (shortly) on this one for I am (too) finding this a little contradictory, _just_ with respect to what had been stated above : hence, just the fact that there are "acoustic differences ... between groups, discontinuities, silences ... [due to] temporal variation of acoustic energy" refers to it already being physically (sort of) 'organized in time' in a way providing a certain potentiality to being perceived (just) as such ; so there is something like a 'conditional relation' between the physical and the psychological 'entities' (-- are they really more 'entire' in the psychological domain ...?). Another point concerns >[groups] could, [while being psychological entities] >under unusual circumstances, actually include >sounds coming from physically different sources [with the description as to state being a physical one ...] -- what, given the age of choral (responsorial) formations (in human art at least since the 5th c. bc), shouldn't yet be so 'unusual' in gregarious animals, either ... My two (European) cents :ah

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