Self-organization of rhythmic clapping (Christian Spevak )

Subject: Self-organization of rhythmic clapping
From:    Christian Spevak  <christian(at)SPEVAK.DE>
Date:    Thu, 17 May 2001 12:03:52 +0100

The following reference is not directly related to perception and streaming, but deals with another interesting aspect of clapping and applause, the spontaneous self-organization of rhythmic patterns: Self-organizing processes: The sound of many hands clapping Z. Neda, E. Ravasz, Y. Brechet, T. Vicsek, A.-L. Barabasi Nature 403, 849 - 850 (24 February 2000) The article and several sound demonstrations can be downloaded from ____________________________ Christian Spevak Music Department University of Hertfordshire, UK christian(at)

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