Re: public library (Davide Rocchesso )

Subject: Re: public library
From:    Davide Rocchesso  <rocchesso(at)>
Date:    Fri, 25 May 2001 08:15:54 +0200

I believe this is an important initiative for medicine and life sciences. For other scientific areas, there is the excellent e-Print archive that, I think, should be used more, especially in its computing research section. It may be of interest to know that IEEE and ACM allow to post submitted and published articles to the repository, provided the author includes a copyright notice in the first page. On the other hand, we recently asked JASA for a similar permission, and they didn't allow it. Personally, I think this is an important point to consider when choosing a journal as a publication target. dr Robert Zatorre wrote: > > Dear colleagues > > I take the opportunity of a brief break in the action (which, by the > way, I > do agree has had more N than S recently) to suggest that people might > want > to take a look at the following site: > > > > Some of you may find it of interest, and might even wish to endorse > the goals. > -- Davide Rocchesso Universita' di Verona

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