Re: Does anyone know how to find this paper (John Neuhoff )

Subject: Re: Does anyone know how to find this paper
From:    John Neuhoff  <jneuhoff(at)ACS.WOOSTER.EDU>
Date:    Wed, 30 May 2001 21:02:31 -0400

This paper was presented at ICAD (International Conference for Auditory Display) in Glasgow (1998).The proceeding are available online: -John Neuhoff "Dr J.Stevenson's research assistant" wrote: > " > An impressive paper from Wegner and Karron of Computer Aided Surgery > Inc., described the use of auditory feedback to guide blind biopsy > needle placement. Their > audio feedback system generates an error signal in 3D space with respect > to a planned needle trajectory. This error signal and the preoperative > plan are used to motivate > a position sonification algorithm which generates appropriate sounds to > guide the operator in needle placement. To put it simply, harmonics > versus dissonances are > used to convey position information accurately along 6-8 dimensions. A > nice example of a synaesthetic medium - using one modality (sound) where > one would normally > " > > I would like to know about your current audio reseach. > > Thank you > > --------------------------- > Does anyone know of anything new comproframs gentetic alogrithms or neurl nets? -- _______________________________________ John G. Neuhoff Department of Psychology The College of Wooster Wooster, OH 44691 Voice: 330-263-2475 FAX: 520-244-5577

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