Input Device (Bernhard Laback )

Subject: Input Device
From:    Bernhard Laback  <laback(at)KFS.OEAW.AC.AT>
Date:    Tue, 12 Jun 2001 17:29:18 +0200

On of my colleagues asks for the following question: Dear list, For an audiological test we need a device to manually adjust the level of a test-stimulus. Ideally it should be a kind of potentiometer. There should be drivers available to read its values out on a Windows NT or 2000 system. Do you have an idea if there are products we could use for this? Thanks for any help! Marcel Pok ================================================ -- Dr. Bernhard Laback Acoustics Research Institute Austrian Academy of Sciences Liebigg. 5, A-1010 Wien, Austria Tel.: 0043-1-4277-29514 Fax.: 0043-1-4277-9296

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