Re: "El Cheapo" dummy heads? (Joern Anemueller )

Subject: Re: "El Cheapo" dummy heads?
From:    Joern Anemueller  <ane(at)UNI-OLDENBURG.DE>
Date:    Tue, 10 Jul 2001 21:14:59 +0200

James W. Beauchamp writes: > sounding way off in the distance. If someone would market a set of > ear-mics that would perform as Henrik described, I would be in line to > buy a pair -- assuming the price was reasonable, of course. I would > think a lot of people would like to make unobtrusive high-quality > recordings of concerts they attend. > > Jim Beauchamp > j-beauch(at) Hi, there is a company called `soundman' in Berlin which sells ready-to-use ear-mics. (I don't know whether they actually use earplugs.) Their website is In the states they are distributed by Regards, Jörn -- - ********************************************************* - Joern Anemueller ane(at) - Medical Physics Group joern(at) - Dept. of Physics - University of Oldenburg 26111 Oldenburg, Germany - ------------------------------

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