Re: "El Cheapo" dummy heads? ("John K. Bates" )

Subject: Re: "El Cheapo" dummy heads?
From:    "John K. Bates"  <jkbates(at)COMPUTER.NET>
Date:    Tue, 10 Jul 2001 18:28:34 -0400

Jim, I have had good results using matched binaural microphones from Core Sound. They are also described as "stealth microphones" for surreptitious binaural recordings of rock concerts. They can be clipped on glasses or hats. Not my application, though. Try for more information. Regards, John Bates >This reminds me of the time when I, in a very amaturish way, decided to >use my head (!) for a recording of a small group in a relatively small >auditorium (Krannert's Studio Theatre at UIUC). Since dynamic mics can >be used as microphones, I simply wore some Walkman headphones and >plugged them into my Walkman's mic input jack. I was hoping that the >musical group in front of me would externalize when I played the tape >back through the same headphones, with extraneous noises being separated >out and more-or-less ignored. No such luck. The experiment failed >miserably with the extraneous noises sounding like they were about 20 dB >greater than real life and the performance (which was fairly delicate) >sounding way off in the distance. If someone would market a set of >ear-mics that would perform as Henrik described, I would be in line to >buy a pair -- assuming the price was reasonable, of course. I would >think a lot of people would like to make unobtrusive high-quality >recordings of concerts they attend. > >Jim Beauchamp >j-beauch(at) > >

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