Research Opportunities in CASA at OSU (DeLiang Wang )

Subject: Research Opportunities in CASA at OSU
From:    DeLiang Wang  <dwang(at)CIS.OHIO-STATE.EDU>
Date:    Sun, 7 Jan 2001 16:44:11 -0500

Dear List, A postdoc position in computational auditory scene analysis (CASA) is available immediately in my lab. The project involves speech segregation, or separating speech from acoustic interference. Interested people please email me a CV and a description of qualifications. Prospective students who are interested in CASA are strongly encouraged to apply to our department (when you do so please also send me an email). Thanks for your attention, DeLiang Wang -- ------------------------------------------------------------ Dr. DeLiang Wang Department of Computer and Information Science The Ohio State University 2015 Neil Ave. Columbus, OH 43210-1277, U.S.A. Email: dwang(at) Phone: 614-292-6827 (OFFICE); 614-292-7402 (LAB) Fax: 614-292-2911 URL:

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