Re: Perception and empirical data ("O.T.Furnes" )

Subject: Re: Perception and empirical data
From:    "O.T.Furnes"  <oddtf(at)>
Date:    Tue, 7 Aug 2001 10:01:49 +0200

> Dear Lists, > > What is the current psychoacoustic belief on relationship between musical > perception and empilical data? > > Can anyone suggest a recent paper on the topic or give their opinion, > please? > > Ju-Lee Hong > Birmingham onservatoire, UK > See Tuomas Eerola : Statistical Features and Perceived Similarity of Folk Melodies. They suggest that weighted events explain more than mere frequency of events: "...incorporating a simple coding for the saliency of events in music increases the fit between the perceptual judgments and the theoretical similarity between the melodies." Odd Torleiv Furnes University of Oslo, Norway

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