Re: Annoyance of cell phone use in public spaces (Tom Brennan )

Subject: Re: Annoyance of cell phone use in public spaces
From:    Tom Brennan  <g_brennantg(at)TITAN.SFASU.EDU>
Date:    Tue, 7 Aug 2001 19:19:15 -0500

You touched on this but there is that issue of sound. Using a mobile or cell phone places the person in a noiser environment. The fact that people on standard phones tend to try to quiet those around them in noise might seem to indicate noise not to be a problem but the mobile phone users are in noise which they cannot control. I did a pilot study in the sociology department a few years ago with some undergraduates and using a sound level meter seems to bolster the position that the noiser environments produce louder cell phone talkers. This only serves to amplify the territorial aspects of things. Tom Tom Brennan, CCC-A/SLP, RHD web page web master web master

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