Walking down halls ...Answers to Kevin ("Michael S. Gordon" )

Subject: Walking down halls ...Answers to Kevin
From:    "Michael S. Gordon"  <msgordon(at)CITRUS.UCR.EDU>
Date:    Fri, 31 Aug 2001 11:20:09 -0700

Kevin and others interested in some additional details: >I wonder ... How wide was the hall? 2.1 meters wide and 2.8 meters high >How far away were the speakers and >the loudspeakers from the microphones? As I had mentioned earlier these were binaural recordings. In this case the recordings were taken from two small microphones placed within my ears as I walked down the hallway. This method while producing some of the best binaural quality (realistic pinnae, body shadowing, etc.), diminishes some control over the exact position of the microphones at any one time. With that in mind when the microphones passed in closest contact with the loudspeakers they were approximately 68 cm to the side of my head. All speakers were 15 cm below the plane of my ears (give or take 4 cm for my head's movement while walking). The 'live' talkers were shorter than me and positioned similarly to the loudspeakers. . >Is the same 'effect' present when the micropones remain still and the >sources move past the fixed mics? (These are also issues for the artistic >practice called "soundscaping".) A question I would certainly be interested in finding an answer to. Mike -- Michael S. Gordon Ecological Acoustics Laboratory Department of Psychology University of California, Riverside Riverside, CA 92521 USA 909-787-4579

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