Re: [Neural] From representation in AN to speech perception cues (Jont Allen )

Subject: Re: [Neural] From representation in AN to speech perception cues
From:    Jont Allen  <jba(at)RESEARCH.ATT.COM>
Date:    Wed, 10 Jan 2001 09:18:54 -0500

Thomas, I would suggest that you post this item on the McGill "auditory" list. There are lots of people on that list that can give you suggestions and literature. Also look (dont have too high an expectation however) at as there are many references that relate to what you are interested in. If you get some action at the auditory list, and the discussion gets too thick, have these detailed discussions come to the "Neural" list (neural(at) There is also a new speech list, but I haven't seen any traffic on it either. It is at: Finally, I have a bit of experience in the areas of your interest, and we should keep in touch. Good Luck, Jont PS: I am posting my comments, with yours attached, to the McGill auditory list, and to the speech list, as I am a member of both (normally one must join to post). Thomas Ulrich Christiansen wrote: > Dear list. > > I am in the process of defining my Ph.D.-project. So far I have only had a > crude idea of what I would like to examine: > > 1) The representation of speech in the AN (implemented as a computer model). > This entails construction of a model of the middle-, and inner ear as > "pre-processing" to the AN. My emphasis will not be on this > "pre-processing". > > 2) I would then like to "see the relevance" of this representation in the AN > to speech perception cues (be it voice onset, nasality etc). This could mean > implementing a computer model as well. > > 3) Finally, I would like to examine the implications for speech perception > of hearing impaired persons in this model. This of course means that I would > have to do some work on my computer model of the processing in the cochlear. > > Now, these ideas are very tentative. So far I have not been able to find any > work done in the line of modelling described in 2. > > My question to the list is: Do you know of any model work concerning 2)? > Comments on the preliminary outline of the project are of course very > welcome. > > Thanks. > > -thomas > > PS: I hope the number of postings to this list will take off soon. > > -------------------------- > Thomas Ulrich Christiansen > Department of Acoustic Technology > Technical University of Denmark > DK-2800 Lyngby, Denmark > Phone +45 4525 3968 (office), +45 4525 3930 (department) > Fax +45 4588 0577 > e-mail: tuc(at) > > _______________________________________________ > Neural mailing list > Neural(at) > -- Jont B. Allen AT&T Labs-Research, Shannon Laboratory, E161 180 Park Ave., Florham Park NJ, 07932-0971 973/360-8545voice, x7111fax,

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