AES 22nd International Conference (Tapio Lokki )

Subject: AES 22nd International Conference
From:    Tapio Lokki  <ktlokki(at)CC.HUT.FI>
Date:    Thu, 11 Oct 2001 13:46:50 +0300

SECOND ANNOUNCEMENT AND CALL FOR PAPERS AES 22nd International Conference on VIRTUAL, SYNTHETIC AND ENTERTAINMENT AUDIO Helsinki University of Technology, Espoo, Finland 15th-17th June 2002 aes22(at) The 22nd International Conference committee invites you to submit technical papers for presentation in June 2002 in Espoo, Finland. This three-day conference will be organized by the AES Finnish Section, the Helsinki University of Technology’s Laboratory of Acoustics and Audio Signal Processing, and Nokia Research Center. It will bring together researchers and developers in the fields of virtual and synthetic audio, as well as entertainment audio applications, targeted particularly to PCs, the Internet, and mobile devices. Sound analysis, modeling, and synthesis techniques will be considered, from sound sources through to the room acoustics and the listener. The issues of coding, delivery, presentation, and rendering of natural and synthetic audio will be emphasized with respect to immersive and interactive applications such as games, sound effects, virtual reality, virtual program production, and telepresence. Perceptual issues will also be considered for these pleasure/leisure applications. PROPOSED TOPICS FOR PAPERS o Audio Coding Techniques o Sound Synthesis Techniques o Physical Modeling of Sound Sources o Processing of the Singing Voice o Structured Audio o Virtual Audio Concepts o 3-D Audio Technologies o Telepresence o Virtual and Augmented Reality o Audio Scene Description o Computational Auditory Scene Analysis o Auditory User Interfaces o Game Audio o Sound Effects o Internet Audio o High-Quality Audio Standards o Synthetic Audio Standards o Wireless Technologies o Mobile/PDA Applications o DSP Technologies in Entertainment Audio o Platforms for Entertainment Audio o Audio API's for Entertainment Audio o Subjective and Objective Evaluation o Multimodal Perception o Psychoacoustics in Entertainment Audio o Future of Virtual and Entertainment Audio SUBMISSION OF PAPERS Proposed FULL PAPERS should be submitted no later than January 15th 2002. Further instructions will be announced soon. SCHEDULE Full-paper submission: 2002 January 15 Acceptance emailed: 2002 March 15 Revised paper submission: 2002 April 15 Technical papers of 4-10 pages are invited for submission. Information for author's and paper templates will be made available by the end of September 2001. Acceptance of papers will be determined by a review committee based on full-paper submissions. Following acceptance, appropriate revisions based on the comments of the reviewers will be allowed, but no substantial rewriting. If you have any questions contact: PAPERS CHAIR Vesa Valimaki Pori School of Technology and Economics, Pori, Finland and Helsinki University of Technology, Espoo, Finland Email: aes22_papers(at) CONFERENCE CO-CHAIRS Jyri Huopaniemi, Nick Zacharov Nokia Research Center Speech and Audio Systems Laboratory ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Vesa Välimäki, Professor Pori School of Technology and Economics Tampere University of Technology Pohjoisranta 11 P.O. Box 300 FIN-28101 Pori, Finland E-mail: vesa.valimaki(at) Homepage: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

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