Brain and musicality (Sirpa Nummela )

Subject: Brain and musicality
From:    Sirpa Nummela  <sirpa.nummela(at)HELSINKI.FI>
Date:    Tue, 23 Oct 2001 15:51:28 +0300

Dear all, a student at our department wishes to write her seminar essay on the subject "Brain and musicality". Could anyone suggest any references to articles or book chapters she could use for the essay? Thanks in advance, Sirpa. ______________________________________ Sirpa Nummela, Ph.D. Post-doctoral researcher University of Helsinki Department of Ecology and Systematics Zoological laboratory P.O. Box 17 (P. Rautatiekatu 13 B) FIN-00014 University of Helsinki FINLAND phone: +358-(0)9-191 28866 fax: +358-(0)9-191 28882 nokia: +358-(0)50-368 7389 _______________________________________

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