Simple demonstrations (John ffitch )

Subject: Simple demonstrations
From:    John ffitch  <jpff(at)MATHS.BATH.AC.UK>
Date:    Sun, 28 Jan 2001 15:40:13 +0000

I realise that this question is at a simpler level than most recent posts, but i teach a course on music and DSP to a group of mainly computing, maths and physics students, and it seem to me that introducing them to some of the psychoacoustic effects would be good for their education. This last year i did demonstrate Shepard tones, but it would be very nice for next year to be able to show (if that is the right word) them a larger number of ways in which we can be tricked. Could you suggest a small range of demonstrations, preferably using simple equipment (I use mainly csound for synthesis, and play sounds from a CD/cassette player or from my portable; students could be directed to listen to things on simple headphones, but we do not have general audio lab facilities). Alternatively, please direct me to a suitable web/ftp/book.... ==John ffitch

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