Wind Noise (Derek Thompson )

Subject: Wind Noise
From:    Derek Thompson  <Derek.Thompson(at)ARUP.COM.AU>
Date:    Mon, 5 Nov 2001 11:23:36 +1100

A question related to designing systems for an outdoor ampitheatre that is likely to be used for all manner of musical, theatrical and public events... Does any one know of a study (perhaps an unpublished masters or doctoral thesis), or of data that quantifies the perceptual effects of wind noise (ie. from substantial air movement across the Pinna) ? Any studies that relate this specifically to the perception of music would be even more helpful. I am particularly interested in the fluctuating nature of this effect, for tailoring system designs to allow for it. We plan to generate our own calibrated binaural recordings and data from on site, but any background information would be most interesting. Thanks in advance, Derek Thompson Arup Acoustics Phone: +61 2 9320 9320 Level 10, 201 Kent Street Direct: +61 2 9320 9467 PO Box 76, Millers Point Fax: +61 2 9320 9321 Sydney, NSW 2000 derek.thompson(at)

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