effect of matching partials (Odd Torleiv Furnes )

Subject: effect of matching  partials
From:    Odd Torleiv Furnes  <oddtf(at)imt.uio.no>
Date:    Tue, 27 Nov 2001 10:19:09 +0100

Dear list, I wonder if there are any theories or research that has focused on the effect of matching partials in chords? What I am curious about is whether consonance is just the absence of dissonance or if it can be calculated on its own terms. I am looking for theories that have recognized matching partials as acting somewhat as "glue" between complex tones (not unlike the ideas of Stumpf (tonal fusion)). Thank you. Odd Torleiv Furnes ______________________ Ph.D. student, Department of musicology, University of Oslo Norway oddtf(at)imt.uio.no

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