Senior Clinical Audiologist at Oticon, Copenhagen (=?iso-8859-1?Q?Lars_Bramsl=F8w?= )

Subject: Senior Clinical Audiologist at Oticon, Copenhagen
From:    =?iso-8859-1?Q?Lars_Bramsl=F8w?=  <LAB(at)OTICON.DK>
Date:    Wed, 12 Dec 2001 11:34:34 +0100

Dear List, We are looking for A senior audiologist with a strong clinical background from a leading hospital or hearing care company to take up challenging position in Audiology at Oticon's international headquarters in Denmark. Qualifications * Trained audiologist at minimum Master level * Significant clinical experience from hospital or industry * Experience from international publishing of research results * Experience from working with advanced hearing instruments * Broad insight into the hearing care industry * Interest in the development of audiological tools e.g. using advanced software based tools * Strong relationship building skills * Good public speaking skills * English as mother tongue or fluent proficiency if English is 2nd language * Computer literacy (Microsoft Office, use of databases etc.) Further info on: rrentJobListings/CNT01_SeniorClinicalAudiologist Contact myself or Joel Beilin, Head of Audiology for further information (mailto:job(at), phone +45 39 17 73 44) Regards, Lars Bramsl°w ----------------------------------------------------- Lars Bramsl°w Ph.D., M.Sc.E.E. Audiology Oticon A/S Strandvejen 58 DK - 2900 Hellerup phone: +45 39 13 85 42 fax: +45 39 27 79 00 mailto:lab(at) -----------------------------------------------------

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