Re: CASA problems and solutions (Ward Drennan )

Subject: Re: CASA problems and solutions
From:    Ward Drennan  <ward(at)IHR.GLA.AC.UK>
Date:    Tue, 30 Jan 2001 20:54:40 -0000

DeLiang Wang wrote: > The replies by Al Bregman and John Culling suggest that location may not even be > a major cue for ASA. This is true. Stuart Gatehouse and I did an extentsion of the work of Culling and Summerfield (1995) in which listeners were required to segregate sources based on spatial cues alone. This was presented at the Columbus 1999 meeting of the ASA (That's Acoustical Society of America). The listeners had a rather high degree of difficulty doing the task and they found it even more difficult with timing cues alone. Nevertheless, they could segregate the sounds based on spatial cues alone, to varying degrees. I think it supports the notion that segregating based on spatial cues is possible, but by far not the most robust cue used by listeners. Harmonicity and coherent temporal envelopes are probably much more powerful. Certainly, to succeed in ASA, the human (or animal) combines all the cues. If anyone would like a copy of our poster, send an address requesting a copy. We are currently preparing a manuscript. Ward Drennan MRC Institute of Hearing Research > I'd like to be proven wrong, so that at least we have one solution to > rely on. >

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