Measures of articulatory variability (Satrajit S Ghosh )

Subject: Measures of articulatory variability
From:    Satrajit S Ghosh  <satra(at)BU.EDU>
Date:    Wed, 3 Apr 2002 17:13:17 -0500

Dear List members, I am looking for papers, articles, anecdotal evidence of the variance of end effector positions for the vocal tract (eg, tongue tip/body movement/position, constriction points/zone, lip height/protrusion, etc.,.) under different phonemic utterances. I am particularly interested in vowels, stop consonants and liquids. The source could cineradiographs, EMMA, palatography, microbeam, MRI. Any help would be much appreciated. Satrajit -- Satrajit Ghosh Department of Cognitive and Neural Systems, Boston University

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