Paper required.. ("Manish N. Landge" )

Subject: Paper required..
From:    "Manish N. Landge"  <landgemanish(at)YAHOO.COM>
Date:    Sun, 20 Jan 2002 02:57:40 -0800

Hi all, I am doing my reasearch in computational auditory models. I need following paper Benjamin D. Bryant and John D. Gowdy, "Simulation of Stages I and II of Seneff's Auditory Model (SAM) Using Matlab", and published in the Proceedings of the 1993 Matlab User's Group Conference. If anybody have this paper, it will be very useful to me. Thanx in advance, -Manish ------------------------ Manish N. Landge Computational Science, SERC, IISc, Bangalore India. ------------------------ __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Send FREE video emails in Yahoo! Mail!

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