maximum tatum (one tatum, two tata) (Pierre Divenyi )

Subject: maximum tatum (one tatum, two tata)
From:    Pierre Divenyi  <pdivenyi(at)EBIRE.ORG>
Date:    Tue, 9 Apr 2002 15:19:56 -0700

Actually, just to be picky, 8-10 Hz correspond to 100 to 125 ms per tone, which is far below the Tatum speed. But here is a simple experiment everybody with a piano, even without any training, could run as a demonstration: put your right median finger with the nail pointing downwoard (i..e., on the key), hold it firm, and sweep it in a single gesture to the very top. I bet, after the third glissando try (after the fourth you need a band-aid), you will convince yourself that you have swept over the 50 white keys in less that one second. If you are brave, you can do it in 1/2 sec easily. Now ask yourself: " was there any note that you did not hear? " Here, a little ear training would help but, since you will be, at least most of you, hardcore psychoacousticians with a few thousand hours of experience in a soundproof booth with earphones on and a keyboard in front of you, I am certain that you could assertively say "no". That means that you are able to hear at least 25-ms and possibly 12.5-ms intervals between consecutive piano tones. Pianistically yours, Pierre

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