Presentation 0.50 -- a new release with streaming video ("David L. Woods" )

Subject: Presentation 0.50 -- a new release with streaming video
From:    "David L. Woods"  <dlwoods(at)UCDAVIS.EDU>
Date:    Tue, 23 Apr 2002 20:41:56 -0700

Auditory list members may be interested in the new release of Presentation, version 0.50, a free windows program for real time stimulus delivery and experimental control that introduces · Initial support for real-time streaming video (AVI and MPEG1) either alone or in combination with the delivery of visual and auditory stimuli · The ability to load and unload stimuli during a scenario · Parallel port interrupt support on Windows 2000/XP · PCL memory_device object support on Windows 2000/XP · “gameport device” input device support on Windows 2000/XP · Searchable documentation · Output port codes for controlling other devices at startup, pause, resume and quit · Delayed parallel output code feature to avoid port conflicts · Other miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes Presentation 0.50 continues to provide visual and/or multimodal stimuli with precise frame control at all video refresh rates and remains capable of monitoring responses with sub-ms precision without special hardware. Up to four independent sound sources can be presented simultaneously To assure experimental accuracy, timing precision is verified for each stimulus and response event. Presentation 0.50 is available for free download at Presentation remains the fastest growing program for stimulus delivery and experiment control in the world, with more than 3,100 registered users and more than 8,400 total downloads. David L. Woods, Professor of Neurology, Dept. of Neurology,UC Davis, Chief, Clinical Neurophysiology and Chief, Research fMRI imaging, Neurology Service (127E), VA-NCHCS, 150 Muir Rd., Martinez, CA 94553 Tel (925) 372-2571, Fax (925) 229-2315 Email:dlwoods(at) Publications:

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