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Subject: Re: brightness
From:    Densil Cabrera  <densil(at)ARCH.USYD.EDU.AU>
Date:    Mon, 13 May 2002 10:08:05 +1000

Selected historical references on the high-low association between sound (especially tones) and spatial position: Roffler & Butler (1967) "Localization of Tonal Stimuli in the Vertical Plane". JASA 43(6) 1260-1266. Pratt (1930) "The Spatial Character of High and Low Tones". J Exp Psych 13 317-328. Trimble (1934) "Localization of Sound in the Anterior-Posterior and Vertical Dimensions of 'Auditory' Space". British J Psych 24 320-334. Dimmick & Gaylord (1934) "The Dependence of Auditory Localization upon Pitch". J Exp Psych 17 593-599 [for an opposing view] We are doing a small project in this area now. dc -- Dr Densil Cabrera, Lecturer in Audio and Acoustics Faculty of Architecture, Wilkinson Building G04 The University of Sydney, NSW 2006, Australia Telephone +61 2 9351 5267 Fax +61 2 9351 3031 densil(at)

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