Re: Pitch Detection : Standard tests (Matt Flax )

Subject: Re: Pitch Detection : Standard tests
From:    Matt Flax  <flatmax(at)IEEE.ORG>
Date:    Tue, 14 May 2002 22:51:30 +1000

As a follow up, I have now started a page listing databases and samples. I am interested in people who have more samples, with Pitched keys or resolved frequencies to forward them to me please. As well as other signals which would be of interest. thanks Matt On Tue, May 14, 2002 at 02:23:13AM +1000, Matt Flax wrote: > Hello everybody, > > I was wondering whether there is a list of standard tests for pitch > detection algorithms ? > > I have been reading the Meddis / Hewitt 1991 JASA paper, and note that > they indirectly mention the following tests : > a] Harmonic signal with fundamental present > b] Harmonic signal with fundamental missing > c] Harmonic signal with noise > d] Harmonic signal with amplitude modulated noise > e] Harmonic signal with gated noise > f] Non-harmonic signal > > Can anyone recommend a source (preferably online) with audio files for > each test ? > Can anyone point out a good reference which lists all known tests, with > algorithm success and failure ? > > If there is not a group of standard signals, then I am prepared to > collate a set ... so please fell free to send them to me. > > thanks > Matt > -- > > > WSOLA TimeScale Audio Mod : > FFTw C++ : > Vector Bass : > Multimedia Time Code : -- WSOLA TimeScale Audio Mod : FFTw C++ : Vector Bass : Multimedia Time Code :

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