Re: Realtime Auditory Software (Bruno Crochet )

Subject: Re: Realtime Auditory Software
From:    Bruno Crochet  <Bruno.Crochet(at)PSE.UNIGE.CH>
Date:    Thu, 16 May 2002 12:02:19 +0200

> I am looking for a software to accomplish some simple auditory tasks. > This software needs to be able to generate a spectrogram in real time from a > microphone input, and store that input for later analysis. Preferably this > software would be for PC, low-cost or free and fairly easy to use. Do any of > you know of something fitting this description? > I would greatly appreciate any help you have to offer. Snack can do that. It's free and multi-platform. Download ActiveTcl ( to install Tcl/Tk and Snack. Then have a look at XS in snackdemo/widget (you can also get the WaveSurfer audio tool at . Hope it helps, Bruno -- Bruno Crochet Tel : +41 22 705 91 33 (Bureau 4134) Uni Mail - FaPSE +41 22 705 93 80 (Labo Son) 40 bd du Pont d'Arve Fax : +41 22 705 91 29 1205 Geneve (Suisse)

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