Talk on human speech recognition (Jont Allen )

Subject: Talk on human speech recognition
From:    Jont Allen  <jba(at)>
Date:    Mon, 20 May 2002 13:00:40 -0400

Dear List, I just gave a Plenary talk at ICASSP-2002 on speech recognition. If you are interested, the URL for the talk abstract is: (Click on "Program"), or more specifically: My slides may be found at: Jont -- Jont B. Allen, jba(at); 908/654-1274voice; 908/789-9575 fax 382 Forest Hill Way Mountainside NJ 07092 ``It is hard to abandon the feeling that the unfamiliar is absurd and illogical.'' --G.A. Miller, p. 5 of his book `Language and communication'

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