Re: Transfer function of middle ear (alexander lerch )

Subject: Re: Transfer function of middle ear
From:    alexander lerch  <lerch(at)ZPLANE.DE>
Date:    Wed, 22 May 2002 18:18:33 +0200

Hello Vivek, I'm not familiar with PAQM, but it might be that PAQM uses the same transfer function of outer and middle ear as PEAQ (ITU-R BS.1387) does, because PAQM was one of the systems "integrated" in the PEAQ recommendation. PEAQ's function is derived from Terhardt: Calculating virtual pitch, Hearing Research Vol.1, 1979 You can find information about PEAQ's transfer function and PEAQ itself at: Best regards, Alexander > Vivek Srivastava wrote: > > Hello List, > I am a Masters student at Virginia Tech and am trying to > implement PAQM(a method to determine the audio quality of a > signal). I am currently using Matlab for its implementation > but am stuck at a point and would like some kind of help. > I have to implement a "transfer function from the outer ear > to the inner ear" in other words how sound changes when > passing through the middle ear or the transfer function of > the middle ear. Now I am not at all an expert in auditory > models and am implementing this metric for the measurement > of quality for a frameloss scenario. > So could some one help me out either with some small snippet > of code for the transfer function of the middle ear or some > link which I can read and figure out myself as to how I can > implement the transfer function of the middle ear. > Thank a lot in advance, > Awaiting some replies, > Best regards, > Vivek. -- alexander lerch lerch(at) zplane.development holsteinische str. 39-42 D-12161 berlin fon: +49.30.854 09 15.0 fax: +49.30.854 09 15.5

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