Transfer function of middle ear (Jont Allen )

Subject: Transfer function of middle ear
From:    Jont Allen  <jba(at)>
Date:    Thu, 23 May 2002 07:51:18 -0400

Vivek, The middle ear acts as a high pass filter, with a cutoff about 800 Hz. It is almost flat from 800 to 20 kHz or so, depending on the size of the middle ear (i.e., the head). There is a very large literature, much of it in the Jol. of the Acoustical Soc. of America. Look at the following papers, for example: (at)article{Guinan67, author={Guinan, J. J. and Peake, W. T.}, year={1967}, title={Middle-ear characteristics of anethetized cats}, journal=JASA, volume= {41}, pages={1237-1261} } (at)inproceedings{Shaw78, author={Shaw, Edgar A. G.}, year={1978}, booktitle={Acoustical Factors Affecting Hearing Aid Performance}, title={The acoustics of the external ear}, editor={Studebaker, G. A. and Hochberg, I.}, publisher={University Park Press}, address={Baltimore, MD}, pages={109--125} } (at)article{Stinson82, author={Stinson, M., Shaw, E.A.G. and Lawton, B.W.}, year={1982}, title={Estimation of acoustical energy reflectance at the eardrkum from meas urements of pressure distribution in the human ear canal}, journal=JASA, volume={72}, pages={ 766-773} } (at)article{Puria91b, author={Puria, Sunil and Allen, Jont B.}, year={1991}, title={A parametric study of cochlear input impedance}, journal=JASA, volume={89}, number={1}, month=jan, pages={287-309} } -- Jont B. Allen, jba(at); 908/654-1274voice; 908/789-9575 fax 382 Forest Hill Way Mountainside NJ 07092 ``It is hard to abandon the feeling that the unfamiliar is absurd and illogical.'' --G.A. Miller, p. 5 of his book `Language and communication'

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