Announcement - Auditory Perception Toolbox v1.0 release (Rua Haszard Morris )

Subject: Announcement - Auditory Perception Toolbox v1.0 release
From:    Rua Haszard Morris  <r.haszard(at)>
Date:    Tue, 16 Jul 2002 15:34:41 +1000

[Apologies for any multiple postings] MARCS Auditory Laboratories are pleased to announce the release of the Auditory Perception Toolbox for MATLAB. The Auditory Perception Toolbox, or APT, is an innovative and flexible experimental environment for the coding, description, analysis, manipulation, and generation of sound. It is based on two lacunae in current speech science and psycholinguistics: (i) the lack of an integrated computing environment and file structure that is focused on perceptual parameters of sound (as opposed to purely physical parameters of sound); and (ii) the lack of a comprehensive and integrated set of tools for the manipulation and transmutation (morphing) of sounds based on perceptual parameters. The Auditory Perception Toolbox meets those needs with the following features: A flexible file format that allows for the representation and manipulation of various time-based perceptual parameters. Functionality to extract perceptual and physical parameters of sound. Functionality to synthesise audio to specified perceptual and physical parameters. In addition, the system is designed as an extensible framework so that novel algorithms and perceptual parameters can be easily added to the system. It is our aim to create a standardised environment to facilitate research collaboration in the domain of acoustics, speech science and auditory perception. Please feel free to download APT from Any comments, feature requests or bugs can be sent to apt(at) Please feel free to forward this announcement to other interested parties and/or email lists. Thanks, Rua Haszard Morris Research Assistant & Software Engineer MARCS Auditory Laboratories. Auditory Perception Toolbox MARCS Auditory Laboratories

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