re musical hallucinations (Paul Satchell )

Subject: re musical hallucinations
From:    Paul Satchell  <sattress(at)SPIN.NET.AU>
Date:    Thu, 8 Aug 2002 06:39:38 -0700

All, There is a type of visual hallucination that occurs in neuropsychiatrically normal individuals that is remarkable because it is like normal seeing, but the detail can be greater and have a bizarre character, sometimes even amusing. These hallucinations are not under voluntary control and when they occur in those with deteriorating visual ability it is described as the Charles Bonnet syndrome. Imaging studies show that the visual association cortex is active. It might be that the imagery mechanism in this case is providing a 'realistic' version. Does the process here have any relevance to the observations so far on musical hallucination?. Regards Paul Satchell

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