There are hallucinations and there are hallucinations (Brian Gygi )

Subject: There are hallucinations and there are hallucinations
From:    Brian Gygi  <bgygi(at)EBIRE.ORG>
Date:    Thu, 8 Aug 2002 08:22:12 -0700

There are two separate phenomena being discussed here. One is the auditory sensation of a sound being 'out there in the world', which was the original problem mentioned. The other is what Pierre and some others have been talking about, which is the sound occurring in one's head, but it is not taken as a real sensation. These are quite different and should be treated as such. I would suspect the fMRI of the first type of 'hallucination' would show acitivity in the auditory cortex. In contrast, visual halluciations are only perceived as being 'in the world.' Perhaps this says something basic about the distinct nature of the two modalities.

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