masked threshold as a function of signal duration ("G. Robert Arrabito" )

Subject: masked threshold as a function of signal duration
From:    "G. Robert Arrabito"  <Robert.Arrabito(at)DRDC-RDDC.GC.CA>
Date:    Thu, 15 Aug 2002 17:48:00 -0400

Hi listers. I'm about to do some work on the effects of masked threshold of a signal (e.g., tone, low-passed noise, 1/3 octave noise centred at various frequencies) as a function of signal duration. I'm familiar with some of the work done in the 1950's concerning masked threshold of tones as a function of duration. Prior to carrying out a literature search, I would be greatful if anyone could point me to work in this area. Please e-mail me directly and I shall then post a summary of responses. Thanks. Robbie -- Robert Arrabito Defence R&D Canada - Toronto (formerly DCIEM) 1133 Sheppard Avenue West P.O. Box 2000 Toronto, Ontario M3M 3B9 Canada phone: (416) 635-2033; CSN: 634-2033 fax: (416) 635-2013 e-mail: Robert.Arrabito(at) Note: As of April 1, 2002, DCIEM's name has changed to Defence R&D Canada - Toronto. The official short form is DRDC Toronto.

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